98 M6SA 98-inch Smart Interactive Flat Panel

The system is powered by Android 11.0 Smart OS with a unique 4K UI design, featuring 8GB of internal cache and 128GB of storage for enhanced performance. It boasts a modular design allowing seamless switching between Android and Windows, ensuring flexibility for various needs.

The exterior showcases a business-grade gun-color finish with an exquisite frame, while the audio and video capabilities include a built-in 48M camera with 102° ultra-wide viewing angle, 8-array microphones, and intelligent noise reduction for efficient remote meetings. For whiteboard writing, it offers high-precision infrared touch technology, supporting single-point and multi-point writing with pen tip and colored pen effects. The transmission function includes wireless screen mirroring, Type-C one-click dongle, dual-band network card, and Bluetooth connectivity, along with a rich interface for easy remote communication. The commercial display features a high-definition image processor, customized welcome page, and WPS office system for efficient presentations and communication.

With inbuilt 48 Megapixel camera and 8 array microphone.


LG Commercial Screen

3840*2160(UHD)(RGB) resolution

Android 11.0

Improve Overall Response Speed

8GB + 128GB

Large Memory, Large Space

1mm Detection Precision

Support 20-point touch control high sensitivity

Quad Screen

Easy Comparison, real-time discussion

Patent Appearance

Classical narrow bezel steamline fuselage

8 Array Microphone

With voice pickup distance of 12metres


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