Smart lectern 27EP1-S

Product characteristic : 

- System Properties

 Horion unique smart OS and convenient conferencing system;

 Octa-core CPU and Android 12.0 system are compatible with all kinds of applications;

 8GB internal cache + 64GB internal storage for faster operation. 

- Structure and hardware

 27” screen and 4K definition make the user experience better

 10-point capacitive touch for smooth and accurate operation

 The highly efficient microphone makes voice clearer and louder

 By using a writing pen, interact with students and the audience by writing on the screen

 The automatic lifting system meets the needs of different speakers

 Easy movement by two castors.

- Conferencing

 WPS office system: easier presentation and more efficient communication

 Handwriting function for easy recording

 Support connecting lectern to other interactive display by HDMI cable

 Share the screen on the computer with a one-click dongle or screen mirroring software

 Small tools, such as Vote Kit and Agenda Timer, make the conference efficient

 Support upgrading the system by OTA. 


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