Smart Board for Education

Designed for the Next Generation of Education

Horion Nepal brings interactive smart board that is suitable for school and colleges. Fun and dynamic lessons, when created effectively, fascinate students and gain attention. Handy tools such as timers, games with animations, and noise level meters make a cohesive classroom.

What is a Smartboard?

A smartboard is an interactive whiteboard that lets you write on it while moving objects around and projecting an image. You can tap objects on a smartboard with your finger. Therefore, using a smartboard to convey information, learn new things, extract and share documents online is simple.

Smartboard for Education

Smartboards are connected to the internet, allowing us to access a limitless amount of resources via various websites and PDF files. A teacher cannot possibly cover all aspects of education that will directly assist pupils in learning through the Internet.
It will also assist instructors in learning new skills through the use of a smartboard. With the aid of numerous knowledge-based tools, smartboards assist students in developing their abilities, creativity, and self-assurance.

Smartboard for Organization

Colleagues can collaborate on a smartboard using a variety of devices, which helps to improve the productivity of the work in the organization. In a corporate environment, brainstorming and planning sessions are everyday tasks.
The process is made easier at your fingertips thanks to the smartboard. Smartboards add an interactive component to the workplace, strengthening the virtual collaboration between team members.